What to expect

What to expect

Here's some information you might find helpful about our Sunday morning services.

    Where we meet on Sundays
  • We meet at 222 S. Broadway Street in Medina at 10:00 am on Sundays. This is the building that is between the Medina County Library and Garfield Elementary.

    Parking is available on either side of the building and on the street.

    A chair lift is availble for use at the entrance on the left side of the building for those who are unable to use the stairs.

    Click here for a map of our location.
    What we wear
  • We aim to honor Jesus Christ in all we do, including in how we dress on Sundays. That said, you'll find we have a diversified approach to how we dress on Sunday mornings. Some of us wear a jacket and tie, others dresses, and others jeans and running shoes. We dress so that we're modest and not trying to focus undue attention on ourselves.
    Length of our service
  • Our worship service typically starts at 10:00 am and finishes between 11:15 and 11:30 am.
    Sermon and music styles
  • Biblically speaking, worship of God cannot be confined to a small block of time on Sunday morning. The emphasis of our worship service is the edification of God's people. That is, we want to help you rightly understand the Scriptures and focus your thoughts and praise accordingly. We like many of the old hymns but also like the contemporary hymns and songs that clearly lift our thoughts to the blessed truths revealed in the Scriptures. Our pastor preaches expository sermons which means that he explains the meaning of a passage of Scripture and highlights the implications and applications to our lives today. We typically study verse by verse through a book of Bible. From time to time, we also study what the Bible says about revelant topics that impact us as a church and as believers.
    Ministry to families
  • We are currently a relatively small church.  As a result, we do not offer a formal nursery or children's ministry during our Sunday morning service.  We are comfortable with noises of young children during the service so we are family-friendly. If your child is overly noisy or just needs some space to move or play, there is a cry room available where you can listen to the service while you comfort your children or watch them play.

    Note that we do have a formal children's ministry, Kids 4 Truth, that meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.